Click to learn which agencies have broken the law

Shortly, this site will release documents identifying some of the Scottish letting agencies who appear have committed crimes against their tenants by charging illegal premiums.

This campaign seeks to expose a systematic campaign of lucrative white collar crime against some of the poorest and underrepresented individuals and families in Scotland. We need YOUR help.

We have received information both from aggrieved tenants and industry whistleblowers. It is important that those with evidence of criminal conduct make responsible public disclosures.

Without the courage of the whistleblowers who expose injustice and the media and other organisations who take up the cause, we cannot hope to maintain a free society,

If you see something, say something.

We take the privacy of our sources seriously, and will provide instructions on how a source can release information and documents without us learning their identity. Documents will be published with personally identifiable information removed as a matter of policy.


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