APL’s Marjory Davidson: “we do our best to be fair and honest, but won’t be offering to repay fees to tenants”

Marjory Davidson, A Director of Aberdeen Property Leasing, said she was unaware of this latest action taken by the Prosecute Landlord Fee Fraud group and explained: “We are disappointed with this to be honest. We do our best to be fair and honest and compared to some of the fees charged by other letting agencies we always felt our fees were reasonable.

Ms Davidson said that the firm hadn’t decided what action to take in response to the judgement, although she had no plans to pro-actively contact tenants that had previously paid Aberdeen Property Leasing the unlawfully charged fees, adding: “We won’t be offering to repay fees to former tenants.” (source)

We have a question for Ms Davidson:

What is the name for a person who appropriates property belonging to another without their consent and with the intention to deprive the owner of that property?

In Scotland, the answer is thief.

Does Ms Davidson consider that intending to deprive these former tenants of their money constitutes theft? Can Ms Davidson’s firm afford to repay ALL of these tenants? If it cannot, what does she think should happen?


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