Aberdeen Property Leasing caught for tenant fee fraud

Yvonne Gilbert & Marjory Davison

Aberdeen Property Leasing Ltd

Company No. SC141851

Rosemount House,
138-140 Rosemount Place,
Aberdeen AB25 2YU

Tel: 01224 635 355
Fax: 01224 626 698

The Charge

Aberdeen Property Leasing directed by Yvonne Gilbert and Marjory Davison has committed a criminal offence contrary to the Rent (Scotland) Act 1984.

The Evidence

(1) – Court decision

I have concluded that the administration fee imposed by the defender was a prohibited payment and accordingly the pursuers are entitled to the return of it. – Sheriff Lewis (source)


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2 responses to “Aberdeen Property Leasing caught for tenant fee fraud”

  1. tenantfeesareillegal says :

    This is fucking great.

    Aberdeen Property Leasing were real scumbags both times I’ve had to deal with them; rude, unhelpful, difficult to deal with. Both times I tried to lease from them (the first successfully, the second not) I incurred these administration fees. The second time around they took issue with the guy I was trying to rent with’s guarantor, but would not allow him to change it. So we were out of luck with the flat we wanted and SOL on the fee front. Good to see them being taken down a notch.


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